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Salary & Benefits

Stipends will be reevaluated in the fall of each year, and any changes will be made effective October 1 each year. All Residents will be notified, if there are changes to the established stipend levels.

Resident stipends (approximate):

  • PL1 = $50,217
  • PL2 = $52,392
  • PL3 = $54,314
  • PL4 = $56,525

Departmental Benefits


  • Step III paid for, if taken before February 28th of PL1 year
  • Meal money provided for all in-house 24hr call
  • Monthly food/beverage/snack stipend provided monthly
  • Annual medical licensing fees paid


  • Meal vouchers provided for food delivery on 24hr weekend calls
  • Daily lunches provided for noon conferences 3 days a week


  • 3 weeks paid annual leave
  • 6 days Winter Holiday leave
  • Paternity and Maternity time available

Texts Provided:

  • Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics
  • Zitelli's Atlas of Pediatric Diagnosis
  • Med-Study Pediatric Core Curriculum Books
  • Harriett Lane

Other Benefits:

  • Parking paid for by the department
  • Complimentary membership to Student Wellness Center (Fitness/Gym)
  • PALS, NALS, BLS training provided
  • Complimentary lab coats, scrubs, and laundry service
  • Membership to AMA and AAP
  • Annual resident retreats
  • South Carolina AAP conference all-expenses paid in PL-2 year

GME Institutional Benefits