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John Amadon, MD • LSU • Fourth Year, Chief Resident
Without a second thought I could echo all the wonderful things my colleagues have said about the MUSC Med-Peds program. But the most glowing compliment I can express is that, given the residency application process to do all over again, I wouldn't change a thing.
Rachel Dahlborg, MD • New York Medical College • Fourth Year, Chief Resident
I had visited Charleston a few times before interviewing at MUSC and knew that I loved the area. When I was preparing for my interview at MUSC, I was initially concerned about the class size with 2 residents per year. However, when I came for my interview, the med/peds group felt kind of like a family.  Also, all the residents I met in both medicine and pediatrics were very friendly. After working here for a year, I have been really impressed with the faculty who not only care about our education, but make it a fun and comfortable work environment. It turns out that I didn't need to worry about the class size at all because the other half of my class is pretty cool. ;)  And after a long day in the MICU or NICU I can be in my kayak on the intracoastal waterway within 30 minutes. I am convinced there is no better place for residency.
Sarah Adams, MD University of Tennessee • Third Year
I was looking for a program that had a great balance of pediatrics and internal medicine. MUSC had that. Not to mention all the residents were so friendly. I enjoyed meeting everyone and they made me feel welcome. I was impressed with the variety of fellowship programs available in both internal medicine and pediatrics. I know that I will get excellent training on both sides and will get exposure to a variety of subspecialties. I wanted to leave my residency feeling comfortable with practicing anywhere in the country. I felt that MUSC would train me to be an awesome physician, and allow me to enjoy a beautiful place to live at the same time!
Stephanie Gaydos, MD Southern Illinois University • Third Year
When looking at Med-Peds programs, I wanted a place with strong categorical programs, a firm academic foundation, diverse patient populations, supportive people to work with, and a great location. Sounds like a lot to hope for, but MUSC had it all. Looking back on the places I had interviewed, it stood out as the only place where multiple residents described their experience as "the best years of their life." The small class size enables Med-Peds residents to truly integrate into both programs very well, in addition to benefiting from schedule flexibility and a "family feel" within our program. I feel fortunate to come to work each day in a striving academic center with people who are actually happy to be here and want to help you along the way. Also, there just aren't enough good things to say about living in Charleston and being able to spend days off at the beach!
Andy Nielson, MD University of Tennessee • Second Year
Having lived the first 27 years of my life in West Tennessee, I decided that I wanted to try something new during residency. Being a 'small-town guy', I was looking for a residency with a strong sense of community and camaraderie, and clearly a strong academic program in both medicine and pediatrics. With that being said, I went all over the eastern part of the country for residency interviews. At MUSC, I found the perfect blend of community with the residents and faculty, an amazing city filled with history, some of the most incredible restaurants in the country, and the Atlantic ocean fifteen minutes from downtown! The smaller Med-Peds group was the perfect fit for me and the categorical sides were a nice medium size, so I knew it would be easy to fit right in! My interview at MUSC was fairly early in the season, and every week or so I would reevaluate my list, and every week MUSC was at the top. I can't begin to describe the quality of the program, faculty, residents and city, it's simply something you have to see for yourself! Come visit soon!
Sonia Savani, MD • University of South Alabama • Second Year
Finding a residency program to call your new home is definitely a daunting process. I remember being absolutely terrified I was never going to be able to find one that fit me perfectly. I was looking for a strong academic center that gave me diverse opportunities to explore Med/Peds, equally strong categorical programs, and a place where Med/Peds had its own presence and identity. In addition to that (and most importantly), I needed a place where the residents were truly happy. When I came to MUSC, I was struck by how supportive everyone was: the residents, faculty, administration…everyone. There was a level of camaraderie that I saw on my externship and then again on my interview day that stayed with me. Residency is a tough time all around anywhere you go, but having people around you that are there encouraging you every step of the way is something that should not be taken for granted. I’ve only just started my residency program here at MUSC, and I could not be happier with my choice.  It truly has everything that I was looking for. The small Med/Peds class size leads to a tight, close-knit community of people that will become your family and your biggest cheerleaders, and the categorical Medicine and Pediatrics programs are both very strong and easy to integrate into. At MUSC, not only will get you get an incredible training experience preparing you for ANY route you would like to go, but you will also meet amazing people along the way in one of the most beautiful cities in this country.  I could talk about it all day, but come see us and find out for yourselves!! I look forward to meeting you!
KC Head, MD George Washington • First Year
Mithu Maheswaranathan, MD MUSC • First Year
Having attended medical school at MUSC, I witnessed and experienced the many strengths of our Med/Peds and categorical programs.  Going into the application process, I was interested in exploring many programs and traveled extensively across the East Coast.  After the end of the interview cycle, I realized that MUSC would offer me one of the best experiences possible for residency training: a strong academic program balanced by supportive residents and faculty, a close-knit Med/Peds family with effortless integration with the categorical programs, and a beautiful city to enjoy when out of the hospital.  From the excellent teaching at morning reports to resident-driven abstracts or research projects, or the community bread and butter cases to challenging rare presentations given the large referral area, MUSC offers so many learning experiences for residents in training.  This is a place where faculty and residents are passionate, driven, and supportive with an enthusiasm that is contagious.  I am so happy to continue my medical training here for residency, and hope you come visit us to see for yourself what all MUSC has to offer!