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Naylor Brownwell, MD • MUSC Third Year
Where do I start? MUSC Pediatrics has everything I wanted in a program. It is just about perfectly mid-sized - Large enough that everything complicated from around the state comes here and to have some quality fellowship programs, but small enough that everyone knows each other, and every resident is very involved in the care of the patients. Working with the residents in third and fourth year, I realized how happy they were -- the program director really listened to all of them, and there is ample evidence of resident feedback having a direct impact on changing the program. We have a group of highly motivated, talented and extremely intelligent faculty -- and another big plus for me was that the Children's Hospital had been hiring multiple specialists each year for the last two years, clear evidence of a program that was moving forward and expanding the services it can offer its patients. The Primary Care track is an exciting new addition - giving us the opportunity to work and learn in the rural areas of the state and provide the resources of the medical center to those who have little access otherwise. And of course, Charleston is an incredible city that always has a surprise around each corner and down each cobblestoned alley. I can unequivocally say am happy to walk in to work every single day, and feel great to be training in the very hospital where I was born!
Luke Edmondson, MD • MCG Third Year
I chose MUSC because I felt very welcomed during my interview at MUSC and knew that the people in the residency program would be a lot of fun to work with.  I also knew that MUSC was a big enough program that I would have the opportunity to see the "zebras" of pediatric medicine.  However it is not too big, so that my attendings and other instructors would better know my strengths and weaknesses, and that I would therefore have a better educational experience.  Also, I felt the Primary Care Track was a great opportunity to get in on an exciting new program that will allow me as a pediatrician to better serve my patients and their families.
Mariah Scott, MD • Des Moines University Second Year
Tessa Wyborny, MD • Creighton University Second Year
Sarah Michalowski, MD • Eastern Virginia First Year
What appealed to me most about the peds program at MUSC is the friendly and welcoming environment.  The residents, fellows, attendings, and nurses have been kind, encouraging, and just incredible to work with.  I also appreciate the ideal size of the program.  It's nice that there are enough people to cover for unexpected leaves, but it is still small enough to be a close-knit community.  Another big draw for me was the primary care track residency, which takes 2 applicants per year and gives us a special focus on primary care in our greater medical education.  Lastly, Charleston is without a doubt the coolest place I have ever lived.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the program.  I can also answer questions about couples matching.  MUSC is very friendly to double-resident couples, and my fiance (a pathology resident) and I are but one of the many couples here.
KaiCee Ponds, MD • University of Tennessee First Year
My interest in MUSC's pediatrics program peaked when I decided to do an away rotation as a medical student and experienced the program from an insider's perspective. The faculty at MUSC have a passion for teaching residents and students and go out of their way to do so. Another thing I noticed was how HAPPY the residents were. As an intern in the first half of my intern year, I have made great friends with fellow residents and find them not only hard workers and great teachers, but people I genuinely enjoy being around inside and outside of the hospital. As a Primary Care Track resident, I look forward to the opportunity to spend more time in the underserved communities of Georgetown (a rural clinic setting) and North Charleston (a more urban and primarily Spanish-speaking setting), as well as in the Continuity Clinic right here at MUSC Children's hospital. We have an excellent primary care faculty who are always finding opportunities for advocacy and other ways to get involved in the greater Charleston community. And dare I mention the perks of living in Charleston? FOOD, beaches, great downtown night life and festivals and weekend activities, FOOD, beautiful warm and mild weather, low cost of living, and did I mention FOOD? There's something here for everyone (unless your only hobby is snow skiing...)