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Research Programs

What is a Practice-Based Research Network?

A Practice-Based Research Network

  • is a cutting-edge approach to conducting research that will inform and support Family Practice as a discipline.
  • shifts the process of discovery out of the academic medical center "into" the real world laboratory of physician practices.
  • involves the practitioner more directly in the formulation of the research question and methodology.
  • conducts studies that are relevant to regional patients and physicians.

Reasons to join a PBRN:

  • Managed Care loves us, but for the wrong reasons.
  • It's hard to improve practice without understanding it.
  • We need to know how to take care of the "problems that most of the people have most of the time."
  • Practice should be based on science.
  • Because it's fun!

Benefits of membership in a PBRN:

  • The opportunity to participate in primary care research from idea generation through analysis and dissemination of results.
  • The opportunity to interact with other members, university faculty and staff, and guest speakers from other networks during annual convocations.