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Darby Children’s Research Institute and Pediatric Research Day

Please join us on March 3, 2016, 8am-4:30pm!

Registration is now open!

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MUSC Bioengineering Building, 1st Floor, Room 110

Keynote Presentation:

“Comparative Effectiveness Research through Collaborative Electronic Reporting: Methods and Findings to Improve Pediatric Care”

Alexander G. Fiks, MD, MSCE
Associate Professor of Pediatrics
The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the Perelman School of Medicine
The University of Pennsylvania
Associate Director, Pediatric Research in Office Settings, The American Academy of Pediatrics

Thursday, March 3, 2016, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM (Noon)


The nation lacks a system to employ routinely-collected electronic health record (EHR) clinical data to conduct comparative effectiveness research (CER) on pediatric drug therapeutics and other priority child health topics. This presentation will discuss the creation and details of a network of EHR-networks to employ clinical data in EHRs for conducting CER, led by the American Academy of Pediatrics Pediatric Research in Office Settings (PROS).  To achieve this goal, PROS has linked data from its own EHR-based “ePROS” network with data from independent practices and health systems across the United States.  Building upon this aggregated EHR data, “Comparative Effectiveness Research through Collaborative Electronic Reporting” (CER2) collaborators are developing a platform to advance the methodology of pediatric pharmacoepidemiology and health services research.  This presentation showcases the vision for and present composition of this network, governance, and challenges and opportunities for using the network to advance child health and healthcare.  Methodological work related to the measurement of growth and disparities as well as findings from studies in pediatric psychopharmacology and hypertension will be highlighted. The goal of this network is to engage child health researchers from around the United States in participating in collaborative research using the CER2 database.

Learning Objectives:
1.      To understand the links between how data is collected in practice and its subsequent use for research;
2.      To enable participants to more effectively consider the opportunities and challenges in using electronic health record data in research;
3.      To familiarize participants with opportunities for using the CER2 database for secondary data and prospective research