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Fellowship Faculty

William T. Basco, Jr., MD, MS
Co-Director, Director for General Pediatrics
William P. Moran, MD, MS
Co-Director, Director for General Internal Medicine an
William Hueston, MD
Co-Director, Department of Family Medicine
Amy Blue, Ph.D.
Director of Evaluation

David Bundy, MD, MPH
Vice Chair for Quality and Safety, Department of Pediatrics

Peter Carek, MD, MS
Vice Chair, Department of Family Medicine
Brent Egan, MD
Director, Outpatient Quality Improvement Network
Leonard Egede, MD, MSCR
Director, Center for Health Disparities Research
Cara Litvin, MD, MSCR
Investigator, Practice Partner Research Network
Patrick Mauldin, PhD
Director of Research, Academic Generalist/ Health Services Research Fellowship Program
Lawrence Mohr, MD
Fellowship Faculty
James Roberts, MD, MPH
Director, South Carolina Pediatric Practice Research Network

Kit Simpson, DrPH
Fellowship Faculty

Ron Teufel, MD, MSCR
Fellowship Faculty
Gail Stuart, PhD, RN
Dean, College of Nursing