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Transplant Center

The MUSC Transplant Center is committed to enhancing the quality of life for patients in need of transplantation, through innovative treatments and advanced clinical research, creating exceptional outcomes in patient-centered healing environment. The center is the only comprehensive transplant center for pediatric patients in South Carolina. Our nationally recognized transplant program specializes in advanced clinical practices in transplantation, wait list management and collaboration with referring physicians to optimize care for donors and recipients.

The University HealthSystem Consortium (UHC) recognizes the MUSC Transplant Center for mortality, clinical outcomes and length of stay. The rankings are published in the third quarter (July-September 2007) UHC clinical outcomes report analyzing product line mortality. MUSC sent liver transplant coordinator Dru MacPherson to support patients and families.

MUSC's kidney and pancreas transplant program performed significantly better than expected in terms of mortality: no deaths were observed in the 12 months ending September 2007. MUSC had one of the shortest average lengths of stay among the 77 institutions reviewed in this report. MUSC's liver transplant program also reported one of the shortest average lengths of stay among 54 institutions for the period of July through September 2007.

Centered on patients and families

MUSC Transplant Center coordinates care around the needs of patients and families to provide the best possible care to every patient and family every day. A statewide network of outreach clinics makes the transplant process as convenient as possible for patients and their families.

Aggressive management of performance outcomes

The MUSC Transplant Center exceeds the national standards for transplant outcomes through the use of standardized protocols, research and data-driven quality improvement.


Early referrals can make a vital difference. Healthier patients are simply stronger for surgery and recovery. Early referral proves to be most advantageous for patients. Often, the underlying diseases are accompanied by life-threatening complications. Early evaluation, before secondary complications progress, increases the likelihood of positive patient outcomes. The process is certainly easier on a family if initiated before the patient requires intensive inpatient care. Each patient receives a full multidisciplinary team evaluation. And although the patient may not be considered a candidate for transplantation, medical, social and financial issues are evaluated so that the patient can be carefully followed and treated.

To speak with a specialist at MUSC or a member of the transplant team, physicians may call MUSC MEDULINE AT 1-800-922-5250 or 843-792-2200.