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Pediatric Neurosurgery

The division of neurosurgery serves patients, ranging in age from neonatal to 18, including consults for conditions requiring surgical interventions.  The division of neurosurgery receives research support through the MUSC department of neurosciences, the nation's fifth largest neurosciences department in terms of NIH funding. The multi-disciplinary team from the division of neurosurgery teams researchers with clinicians to quickly apply discoveries to patient care, delivering evidence-based and outcomes-driven care through multi-modality treatments.

Common Conditions

Medical Services

  • Minimally invasive cranial reconstruction

  • Endoscopic Surgical Techniques

  • Brain Lab (tm) Computer guided surgery

  • Gamma Knife

  • 3 T MRI

  • PET Scan

  • fMRI

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Training Programs

Residency in Neurosurgery

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