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Personnel & Responsibilities in a Pediatric Trauma Alert

Team Leader
Specifically performs or directly supervises primary and secondary survey. With aid of Pediatric ER attending, gives medication, fluid and intervention orders. Speaks with family, speaks with emergency personnel to obtain history, discusses X-RAY findings with radiologist, determines OR level, supervises or performs all procedures, contacts consultants, writes team leader note in chart, contacts bed control, calculates and announces GCS, Pediatric Trauma Score, ISS.

Junior Pediatric Surgery Resident
Performs primary survey from patient's right side if directed to do so by Team Leader. Responsible for full history and physical, including documentation of secondary survey and plan. Works with nursing to ensure that appropriate phlebotomy and IV access obtained, Foley and orogastric tubes are placed, assists X-ray technicians.

Pediatric Surgery Chief Resident
Functions as Team Leader in absence of or until Pediatric Surgery Attending arrives. Contacts pediatric surgery attending. Works under direction of attending of record.

Adult Trauma Chief Resident
Performs duties of Pediatric Surgery Chief Resident until Pediatric Surgery Chief Resident arrives. Must contact Pediatric Surgery Chief Resident or Attending prior to leaving patient.

Pediatric Surgery Attending
Attends alerts when available. Assumes responsibility for evaluation and management when present. Communicates with Team Leader and/or Pediatric ER Attending as soon as possible. Reports rapidly to ER when physical presence required. Serves as admitting attending of record. Assumes role of Team Leader in absence of Chief Resident or when appropriate.

Pediatric ER Attending
Attending of record until presence of or discussion with Pediatric Surgery attending. Assumes role of Trauma Team Leader until Chief Surgical Resident or Attending is present, then assumes consultative role. Assists Chief Surgical Resident, especially with medication dosing. Assumes airway responsibility in absence of Anesthesiology attending. Documents level of involvement/responsibility in permanent record.

Adult ER Attending
When Pediatric ER attending is unavailable, assumes role of Pediatric ER attending as attending of record, including documentation thereof.

Pediatric Critical Care Attending
Notified in cases which need PICU admission. Assumes care of Pediatric Airway in transport.

Anesthesiology Resident and/or Attending
Available for difficult airways as directed by Team Leader and Peds ED attending.

Adult Trauma Attending
Maintains consultative role in management of trauma issues. Available to serve as consultant to ED physician or Pediatric Surgery Chief Resident in absence of pediatric surgery attending.

Pediatrics Resident
May assume role of junior pediatric surgery resident at discretion of Team Leader. Helps obtain history from EMS, witnesses, and family.

Nursing, Radiology Technician, Radiology Resident, Respiratory Therapist, ER Technician, Unit Clerk, Blood Bank, Pharmacy
Roles as defined for adult trauma alerts.

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