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Product Parameters:

  • hematocrit: 50-65%
  • volume: 250-300mL
  • shelf-life: 42 days


  • patients with a symptomatic deficiency in oxygen-carrying capacity
  • children/adolescents:
    • Hgb any level with symptomatic anemia
    • Hgb < 8.0g/dL perioperative period
    • Hgb < 13.0g/dL with severe cardiovascular disease
    • Acute blood loss > 25% blood volume
  • infants:
    • Hgb any level with symptomatic anemia
    • Hgb < 10.0g/dL perioperative period
    • Acute blood loss > 25% blood volume

Compatibility; ABO selection:

 Red Cell Type
Patient Type1st Choice2nd Choice3rd Choice4th Choice


  • Dosage: 10-15mL/kg infused over 2-4 hours for anemia (stat if acute blood loss)
  • Expected response: Hgb 2-3 g/dL

Clinical considerations:

  • Leukoreduction:
    • all products are leukoreduced
    • reduces risk of febrile reactions
    • CMV-safe
  • Irradiation (Graft versus Host Disease risk)
    • Must be requested
    • Immunocompromised patients including: blood for intrauterine transfusion, premature neonates, congenital immunodeficiency, exchange transfusion for HDFN, bone marrow (stem cell) transplant patients, hematologic malignancy or solid tumor on ablative chemotherapy or radiotherapy, recipient of familial blood donation
  • Washed:
    • Remove residual plasma
    • IgA deficient patients (anaphylaxis)
    • Intractable allergic reactions

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