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Department of Pediatrics : Academic Divisions : Emergency Medicine : Resident Manual : Transfusion Guidelines : Platelets

Product Parameters:

  • Single donor (apheresis platelets): 3.0 x 1011 platelets/unit
  • Volume: ~250mL
  • Shelf-life: 5 days


  • bleeding due to thrombocytopenia
  • prophylaxis in thrombocytopenic patients
    • < 50,000/µL with significant bleeding or planned invasive procedure
    • < 50,000/µL neonates
    • < 20,000/µL with risk factor for bleeding (sepsis, fever, etc.)
    • < 10,000/µ with no risk factor for bleeding

Dosing and Response:

  • Dosing: 5-10mL/kg
  • Expected response: ~50,000/µL

Clinical considerations:

  • Leukoreduction:
    • Same as red cell transfusion
  • Irradiation (Graft versus Host Disease risk):
    • Same as red cell transfusion
  • Washed:
    • Same as red cell
    • Washing procedures tend to cause damage to platelets and should be avoided if possible (expect 20-40% reduction in post-transfusion platelet count)

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