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Discharge Instructions

Patient Discharge Instruction Sheet

When your child has fever, in the past we have treated him or her in the hospital with intravenous (IV) antibiotics for at least three days. With your cooperation and follow-up, we are now able to treat certain children at home safely with a strong oral antibiotic.

Please read the following instructions carefully. If there is anything you don't understand, please ask questions. These instructions must be followed to make sure your child will continue to get better at home.

  1. You must return to the emergency department if any one of the following happens:
    1. fever to 104 degrees F or higher
    2. severe pain
    3. shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
    4. not eating or drinking
    5. severe vomiting or diarrhea
    6. unable to keep medicine down
    7. sleeping more than usual/not easily awakened
    8. you think your child is sicker
  2. If your child has a fever and feels bad, give Tylenol and recheck the temperature after one hour.
  3. Please call the pediatric sickle cell fellow on call tomorrow (by calling the operator at 792-2123), or return for follow up as scheduled.
  4. Return for follow up as scheduled ________________________________. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU LEAVE A PHONE NUMBER WHERE WE CAN REACH YOU.
  5. Your child will be given a prescription for an antibiotic that he or she will need to take by mouth twice a day for three days. Since he or she is not in the hospital, giving the antibiotic will be your responsibility; it must be given as directed.
  6. Bring the bottle of medicine with you to your follow-up visit.

PLEASE CALL IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEMS OR QUESTIONS 843-792-2264 (MUSC Comprehensive Sickle Cell Program). THANK YOU.

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