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Referrals from physicians' offices should be taken by a nurse, upper level resident, or attending. Referrals from other emergency departments should be taken by the attending. The documentation forms are available on a clipboard in the nurses' station and physician workroom. Please fill out the form completely and notify the charge nurse to facilitate the care of the patient upon the patient's arrival.

Some referrals may be to a specific MUSC subspecialty such as pediatric surgery, pediatric orthopedics, etc. Clarify whether the subspecialty service will be notified upon the patient arrival, or only if deemed necessary by the pediatric emergency physician. The pediatric team sees every patient unless the subspecialty attending comes to see the patient and does not need our input. If there are any questions, your attending will be happy to help clarify the situation.

Referral patients from physician offices are, ideally, to be seen urgently by the upper-level resident or attending in order to expedite their care. Please be sure to communicate with the referring physician after full evaluation of the patient.

Family medicine patients may come to the Pediatric ED to be seen. If the patient's family has spoken with the family medicine resident already, that resident will be paged to see the patient. If the patient did not contact family medicine before coming to the ED, then the patient should be seen by the pediatric ED resident and attending. In the latter situation, the resident and attending may use their discretion in contacting family medicine to determine if somebody from that service would like to see the patient.

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