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Please see that bed control is notified of an admission as soon as possible to facilitate the care of the patient by the inpatient team. The nurse or secretary will usually call bed control for you. If they are busy, then the resident can call bed control. The phone number for bed control is 2-3306.

When calling bed control, you will need to know the following information: patient's name and medical record number, diagnosis, service to which the patient is being admitted, estimated length of stay, attending physician in the ED/referring physician, and attending physician for the accepting service. Please notify the accepting service of the admission and the patient's treatment/course in the ED.

Many private attendings have admitting privileges to MUSC. They will usually want to have their patients admitted to their service. Family medicine patients may also be seen in the Pediatric ED (as noted above). Please contact the private (or family medicine) attending to determine if the patient will be admitted under the private (or family medicine) service or the general pediatric service.

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