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Child Advocacy

Dr. Charles Darby
Dr. Charles Darby, founder of MUSC Children's Hospital with granddaughter, Amelia

Established in 2001, the Center for Child Advocacy provides a variety of government relations, advocacy, and development services in support of the MUSC Children’s Hospital. The Center also provides management services to the South Carolina Children’s Hospital Collaborative, a nonprofit association of the state’s four children’s hospitals.

The Center works collaboratively with many advocacy organizations on legislative and children’s safety issues. Many of these organizations are included in the Links section of the South Carolina Children’s Hospital Collaborative (SCCHC) Web site.

Why Children Need Advocates:

  • Children are too young to vote. Hence, they lack a “legislative” voice without advocates.
  • Children’s healthcare is unique in that over half of services are publicly funded through Medicaid.
  • The funding for Medicaid is provided by state and federal appropriations each year– a highly political process

Being an advocate for kids doesn’t have to take a lot of time. It can be as simple as sending a quick email to a legislator about a proposed budget cut or a bill affecting children’s services.

  • FIND your state legislator and join us in advocating better health care for children.
  • SEARCH for health care options for uninsured children.

For more information about the Center for Child Advocacy (CCA) and its activities, please contact any of the following individuals:

Charles P. Darby, Jr., M.D.
Executive Director, CCA
Professor Emeritus, MUSC Pediatrics
Phone: 843-876-1090

Ms. Maggie Michael
Director, CCA
Executive Director, SCCHC
Phone: 843-876-1091

Ms. Dena Hughes
Program Manager, CCA
Admin Coord, SCCHC
Phone: 843-876-1090

Mailing & Street Address:
MUSC Center for Child Advocacy
310 Broad St, Suite 10
Charleston, SC 29401-1200