Children's Health: Healthy Eating Habits

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Children's Health:  Healthy Eating Habits




Janet Carter – Dietetic Services, MUSC

Host:  MUSC


Host:  Childhood obesity is a problem facing contemporary America.  Janet Carter of MUSC indicates healthy categories of food children should be eating.


Janet Carter:  Fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, low-fat dairy. 


Host:  While it’s alright for children to eat sweets on occasion, high-calorie snacks should be limited.


Janet Carter:  I think that part of the problem, I see a lot of, is that sweets are being consumed a lot on a regular basis.


Host:  What can parents do to ensure that their children are eating well?


Janet Carter:  The best thing, first of all, is to be a good role model, you know, have a variety of good foods around.  Positive reinforcement is extremely important.  A really great prize, or reward, could be doing things together; doing something active.  That also helps with the battle against being overweight, and being unhealthy.


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