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Pediatric Emergency Room

Children's ER Check In Desk at the MUSC Children's HospitalMore space, less time in the waiting room. Few things are more stressful than taking your child to the emergency room. You not only worry about your child's well-being, but you often have to sit in a crowded waiting room for long periods of time. MUSC Children's Hospital has taken steps to change that with its newly expanded Pediatric Emergency Department. The emergency department's expansion has nearly doubled the size of the pediatric patient care area, allowing patients to be placed in exam rooms faster.

The new emergency department is designed to create a child-friendly environment. Among the features are private patient rooms, each colorfully decorated to follow a different theme. Every room is also equipped with a TV, VCR and DVD player. Another kid-friendly feature is the presence of child life specialists, who are on hand to help ease the fears of young patients and make them feel more comfortable.

The MUSC Pediatric Emergency Department is prepared to handle everything from minor emergencies such as fever, ear infections, minor cuts and sprains to life-threatening injuries and illnesses.