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Digestive Disease & Nutrition

The MUSC Digest Disease Center brings together the expertise of our pediatric gastroenterologists and nutrition specialists to provide specialized and personalized care for patients with digestive disorders at MUSC Children's Hospital.

What is a Gastroenterologist?

Gastroenterologists are physicians who have taken special training in digestive disease. This means at least three years of specialized training beyond that needed to become a specialist in medicine itself (and all that occurring after graduating as a doctor). While all gastroenterologists have competence in digestive diseases, some specialize even more, focusing on a particular digestive organ system.

Gastroenterologists treat patients "medically" by carrying out appropriate investigations, providing advice about diet and lifestyle, and prescribing special medications. Many also investigate and treat digestive diseases using flexible telescopes (endoscopes) passed through the mouth or anus. These endoscopic procedures have replaced many traditional surgical operations.

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