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Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials at MUSC Children's HospitalMUSC Children's Health participates in a large number of clinical trials. New trials are added on a routine basis, and many clinical trials accept only a limited number of participants. If you are interested in treatment for a specific condition, search our clinical trials database often in order to review your options.

What are Clinical Trials?

Clinical trials, also called clinical studies or research studies, are managed by government agencies, educational institutions, private not-for-profit organizations or commercial businesses to develop, produce and evaluate the effectiveness of new treatments and therapies for diseases.

What are the risks and benefits of participating in a clinical trial?

Individuals who participate in research studies are given the opportunity to benefit from treatments that are not currently available to the general public, but have shown promise in previous research.

Risks from participating in a clinical trial vary depending on the study. It is important to understand that not all new treatments produce the desired effect.