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Paying Your Bill

Understanding the Charges on Your MUSC Bill

Your bill from MUSC Children's Health will represent hospital or facilities charges only. Your bill may include charges for the facility, supplies, medicine, nursing care, x-rays, lab work and therapies. Your MUSC Children's Health bill will not include the charges for physicians that your child saw during his or her visit. You will receive a separate bill from MUSC Physicians for the physicians' fees.

Why Do I Receive Two Separate Bills?

The Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) and MUSC Physicians are considered “provider-based” by the federal government. This means the provider, MUSC Medical Center, owns the space where the doctor, an employee of MUSC Physicians, works. As a result of this, you will receive two bills for the care you receive.

One bill will come from MUSC for the facility, supplies, medicines, or nursing care. Another bill will come from MUSC Physicians for the doctor’s fees. 

Many insurance plans pay for health care services provided in an outpatient hospital clinic differently than those provided in a doctor’s office. Your insurance plan may require you to meet your annual deductible before it pays for healthcare services you receive in an outpatient hospital clinic. Your insurance company may also require you to pay a percentage of the bill, called co-insurance, rather than just an office co-payment. 

If you have questions about how your insurance will cover outpatient hospital clinic visits and how much you will have to pay, please call your insurance provider directly.

Questions About Your Bill?

MUSC Hospital Patient Accounting: 843-792-2311 or 800-598-0624

Online Payment

You can now pay your MUSC Medical Center (Children's Hospital) bill online.